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Age & Eyes, What’s Common?

8 Jul

Last month, I was visiting my grandparents in Kolkata, and for the first time in so many years, my grandfather asked me to read him the morning papers. For someone who’s been very religious with his morning newspaper, it was sad for me to see him rely on someone else reading it out to him. Why? Because his eyes had become too weak. 

You see, my grandfather is a healthy man, and his eyes giving way like this got me thinking, and I decided to find out if age and eyes are connected. Sure enough, it turned out that age, indeed, was the cause of his weak eyesight!


The ageing process brings about changes that have a direct bearing on the eyesight. Not only do the eyes suffer directly, the increasing fragility, and susceptibility to other ailments, of the body are detriment to the eyes as well. Some of the more common signs of age-related eye problems that I found are: 

Floaters: These are small particles that float through your line of vision, and can be early signs of retinal detachment. One is, therefore, best advised to visit a doctor.

Excess Tears: No, not just because the elderly are more emotional! This is due to over-sensitivity to light, wind, or changes in temperature. 

Eyelid Irritations: Redness and swollen eyelids, itching, tearing, and crusting of eyelashes. 

Aside from these, I found that the loss of clear sight, which is what prevented my grandfather from reading his papers, was due to old eyes not having the power to focus – a condition medically referred to as Presbyopia.


Of course, I took my grandfather to an ophthalmologist, and and we got him prescription reading glasses, which have since allowed him to read his newspaper. But the sad truth remains that age and eyes are inextricably linked, and unfortunately, the health of the latter deteriorates with the gain of the former. So, when are you having an eye check-up of the elders of your family?

Your Eyes Need Attention

27 Jun

What are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” – Groucho Marx


Sums it up perfectly! Eyesight is unquestionably the most vital sense that we possess. It is eyesight that gives us a correct perspective of the world around us, by interpreting shape, colour, and dimension. It may be a cliché, but our eyes are our only window to the world.

They perform a myriad of irreplaceable tasks. Reading, watching television, learning, communicating, working – our daily lives are defined by the way we see things. Its health then, is something that is non-negotiable. We have to take care of, and pay attention to, them. We have no choice, for without the ability to see clearly, we’d literally be at a loss. So, what are some of the basic things one can do, to take care of one’s eyes?

  1. Nourishment – On a regular basis, and at a fundamental level, one has to eat right. Eat right in terms of the essential foods and ingredients the eyes need to be healthy: Vitamins, and Omega 3 Acids, through foods like fish, nuts, green vegetables, and so on.

  1. Protection – The eyes, like any other organ, need protection. Use UV protection eyewear when out in the sun, and don’t expose them to extreme lights.

  1. Rest – Eyes tire. We don’t realize it, but they are constantly working for us, and they need their share of rest.

  1. De-stress – Not just rested, the eyes need to be exercised in order to detox them. Just like our stomachs, the eyes, too, can be put through a series of simple exercises that relax, refresh, and rejuvenate them.

  1. Medical Check-Up – Every once in a while, on a predetermined but regular schedule, have you eyes tested by an opthalmologist.

Our eyes give us not only the power to see things, but as a result of that power, the ability to make decisions. We must treat them with the utmost care and attention. Any discomfort or uneasiness must never be ignored. After all, the only reason we know as much as we do, and we do as much as we can, are our eyes!

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