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Eye Donation – a Mother’s Testimonial

19 Feb

The day started out like any other, it was Christmas, two years ago. Family gathering, celebration and joy of inviting friends, family, get-togethers, shopping, all the happiness in the world is in our home. My children were coming home for Christmas from their college.

My son Joe coming back home, took a bus after the college was closed for Christmas. All were asleep aboard the bus, it was midnight, closer to the destination, the bus met with a terrible accident and engulfed with flames immediately. Passers-by stopped, tried to rescue and rushed them to hospital, but it was too late for my son Joe.

Later that afternoon, I mentioned my husband that I read an article that said it was possible to donate corneas even a few hours after death. This makes sure the spirit of Joe lives forever.

Phone calls were made and we were able to donate both of his corneas to two other children. It was a tough day, but to know that his beautiful eyes were living on. It was like a tiny ray of light that helped to lighten the darkness that had surrounded us. It was comforting knowing that some good came from this terrible thing that had happened to our family.

Every mother dreams of watching her children grow, living life, seeing all the beauty that surrounds them, achieving wonderful things in life. Even though Joe died at such a young age, he accomplished something so very special – he was able to give sight to two others, so that they could experience and enjoy all the beautiful things that life has to offer.

He loved his cars, movies, cricket and daily crossword puzzles. Most of all Joe loved to make people laugh and keep them happy. He would write skits every Christmas and have family members perform in them and recording them, for a great laughter time watching later. He loved his family and friends and would give the last buck to help anyone out.

We donated Joe’s eyes so he would continue to help someone and to continue to see the world through their eyes and he would continue to live on and make others happy, like he lives on in the hearts of all his family and friends.

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