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Professional, Transparent, Quality

27 Jul

As makers of optical products & high-tech measuring instruments, Lawrence & Mayo has practiced a staunch and upright corporate philosophy for generations. And an integral part of that philosophy is world-class quality control. At Lawrence & Mayo, we are of the firm belief that the most important ingredient to achieve excellence and customer delight is passion. With this passion, to offer the best service and highest quality products, we at Lawrence & Mayo strive to satisfy the needs of our customers with utmost dedication. 

Our quality mandate goes beyond a philosophy. Because we at Lawrence & Mayo practice what we set out as a charter. Hence, one of the important Quality initiatives of Lawrence & Mayo is its ISO 9000-2001 certification, which we were awarded in 2002 by Bureau Veritas India (Pvt) Ltd, an international certification body of repute. Lawrence & Mayo is the first optical chain in India to obtain the certification, one of the many firsts to our credit. The quality initiatives of our management are evident in our quality policy, the highlight of which is always to achieve excellence in customer service. 

Furthermore, we understand what kind of infrastructure & commitment ought to go into building a company with a range of products like ours. Hence, we have a work force of over 450, spread over 26 outlets, throughout the country. L&M’s corporate philosophy of Quality, Value and Service guides every single member of our trained and experienced staff. It’s a way of life for every employee at Lawrence & Mayo. It is L&M’s commitment to this philosophy that enables our customers to recognize us as quality leaders. 

With this corporate philosophy firmly in place, Lawrence & Mayo works tirelessly towards realizing our mission – to be a good corporate citizen by scaling the heights of excellence in providing value for money to customers who trust service and have faith in people. Most importantly, it is this penchant for quality that has made us the preferred optician to generations of families and scores of industrial companies that need precision instruments. 

Serving the people with great quality, great honesty, great products and great pride! 

Lawrence & Mayo, Much More Than Eye Care

22 Jul

Since our inception in 1877, Lawrence & Mayo has been at the forefront of eye-care. But what the consumer is perhaps not aware of, is that the depth of Lawrence & Mayo’s products & services portfolio is much more than what meets the eye. Going beyond the realm of eye-related consumer products, Lawrence & Mayo is also a pioneer in Industrial Instrumentation. Hence, our products & services can be neatly divided into the consumer eye-care related products & services and the offerings from our Scientific Instruments Division; both technological & quality tour de forces in their own rights. 

As part of our Optical products & services, which is pertinent and accessible to a large number of people across the country, Lawrence & Mayo offers a wide variety of state-of-the-art facilities & solutions. At any of our branches, there is every imaginable optical-related product & service available for loyal customers and to the new inductees of the L&M fold. Our diverse product range includes Spectacle Lenses, Contact Lenses, a fine selection of Sunglasses at various price points and an exhaustive collection of designer and mass-produced Frames, both Indian and foreign, and all the accessories related to these different product lines. Our bouquet of services offer the latest & most reliably accurate eye testing procedures anywhere in the world. Our Corporate Eye Screening & Vision Eye Screening Programs go beyond identifying the health of your eyes by providing exercises, guidance, counseling and everything you need to keep your eyes looking, feeling and seeing perfectly.

Besides our Opticals division, our Instruments Division has been producing precision scientific measuring machines for generations together. We have a complete roster of Lawrence & Mayo ‘Surveying’ Instruments that include Pentax Total Stations, DGPS, Electronic Theodolites, Vernier Theodolites, Optical & Laser levels and Optech Scanners. Furthermore, Lawrence & Mayo also provides a cutting-edge line of other instruments that include Soil & Material Testing Machines, for our Material Testing Equipment Line, Meterology & Hydrology Machines, for our Environment Monitoring Instruments Line, and Heating & Analytical Equipment, for our Scientific Instruments Line.

At Lawrence & Mayo, we pride ourselves for having built a company that has a rich history and as many accolades. But most of all, we are proud that our consumer products & services and our industrial equipment have both contributed immensely to the betterment of India. And it is this association that we cherish the most as we try our very best to always bring you benchmark quality products & services.

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