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An Eye for an Eye gives the whole world sight

30 Jan

15-Mar’12, 10:15pm

Today I visited my eye doctor; he said it might take approximately 6 more months for me to get my complete vision back in my right eye. It’s becoming difficult to see with my left eye.

19-Mar’12, 4:30am

I woke up suddenly because I had a dream where it was all dark and I couldn’t see anything. It startled and jolted me out of my sleep. I’m worried about my left eye, the vision is deteriorating. The doctor says it’s some corneal problem. Only replacing the cornea will bring back my vision. A similar thing happened in my right eye and I lost vision.

It all started 2 years ago. I was a happy-go-lucky person and enjoyed my school days. One day I was coming back from school and suddenly there was an explosion from a road side shop. Dirt and some sharp objects hit my face and few of them injured both my eyes.

I was taken to the hospital and treated. After a month I was left with partial vision in my left eye. The vision in my right eye was completely gone, due to an infection following the injury. Doctors gave me hope saying that replacing the cornea will bring back the vision in my right eye. But they also said that the vision in my left eye will gradually reduce with time. I rejoiced that the cornea can be replaced, but when I came to know that I have to wait for it, I wondered how long it would take to receive one.

25-Mar’12, 9:25pm

I inquired about eye donation. That’s when I learnt how it all works – they take the cornea of a person who has pledged his or her eyes. This can be done only after their death. I felt sad I have to wait for someone to die. It is sad that so many people die every day and their eyes cannot give some one sight if they haven’t pledged them.

15-Apr’12, 6:15am

Today I have to visit my doctor. I will know precisely when they will operate on my right eye. I’m tense and hope they don’t delay it further.

15-Apr’12, 9:45pm

The doctor said they would probably operate on my right eye in the first week of July. Now they receive more eye donations from people, as they are more aware of the need. Once I regain my vision, I will contribute some of my time and work for building awareness. Millions of people are blind and are waiting to regain their vision. If only everyone would pledge their eyes, there will not be anyone missing out on the beauty of nature and their independence.

30-Apr’12, 11:30pm

Now it’s become difficult for me read or write. I read one or two lines and my left eye starts paining.

15-May’12, 1:00pm

I visited my doctor today. The vision in my left eye has completely deteriorated.

25-Jun’12, 11:00am

I can’t resist writing. I can barely see my diary. I have to take my mother’s help. I’m tense, yet I look forward to the days after my surgery. I hope to read and write well and also be able to do everything on my own. I want to study and make a career, while leading a normal life, just as the others.

Image courtesy: staticflickr.com

Image courtesy: staticflickr.com

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  “Excerpts from the diary of a child”

Eye Care – With Exercises

15 Jul

As someone who is quite particular about health and fitness, I have always been a regular gym goer. No matter how much work or how busy my day gets, the one hour at the gym is not up for negotiation. Even if I may be in the middle of something, I ensure that somehow I squeeze out my gym time. Not only does that keep me fit, it’s a way of disconnecting and de-stressing. 

But like a lot of people, I did not realize that while my body was keeping fit, my eyes were suffering. In fact, as a man of forty-five, I found that I was having increasing trouble with my eyes. They would get blurry and not allow me to focus very well. It got to a point where I had to go see a doctor; and thank God I did. 

As it turns out, not only our body, even our eyes need regular exercise to help them cope with the wear and tear of the age process. My doctor assigned me a series of eye exercises that have helped me get my vision back, and I urge everyone out there to do the same. Being a nice person, I’m listing these exercises here, so you don’t have to suffer or make an expensive trip to the eye-doctor! 

  1. Sit upright & keep your body relaxed. Keep moving your eyes from left to right & focus on an object on either side for a couple of seconds. Repeat 5 times.

  2. Up down focus exercise: Focus on something directly in front of you and then move your eyes down, focusing on your lap. In a couple of seconds, bring your eyes back up. Repeat 5 times.

  3. Keep your palms tightly over each eye blocking all light. Rest the heels of your palms on your cheekbones and breathe deeply. Repeat 5 times.

  4. Move your eyes upwards and then downwards. Blink rapidly and then repeat the exercise from left to right. Repeat 5 times.

  5. Use a bright lamp in your room at night. Make sure no other lights are on. Sit facing the lamp with your eyes closed. Switch the lamp on and off in time with your breathing. Repeat 5 times. 

We all take certain things for granted and unfortunately our eyes are among those things. But with regularly doing the above exercises, we can arrest the age process, strengthen the iris, even relax the Optic nerve that connects to the brain, thereby easing mental tension! After all, don’t you want to be able to see clearly right until the end?

Computer Lovers – Tips To Save Your Eyes

12 Jul

About six months ago, I started experiencing uncomfortable symptoms in my eyes. Sometimes, I had blurred vision, and at other times, double! I had headaches, too. I underwent a complete medical check-up, which determined I was in the peak of health. Consequently, I grew more worried. Then, my doctor asked me about my computer habits. 

Like most people today, I am in front of a computer screen for long hours. Making presentations, sending e-mails, making budgets, and business proposals – everything at work is done on the computer, and as a result, almost 5-8 hours each day are spent on it. The moment I told my doctor this, he informed me that this extended use of computers was the cause of my problems. Though I was relieved that there was nothing medically wrong with me, I worried how I would cope, because I could not quit my job. Then, my doctor gave me a few tips to relieve my eyes of computer strain 

  • He asked me to take a lot of breaks. Either to look away from the computer, or get away from my desk every 15 to 20 minutes.

  • He asked me to measure the distance to my monitor. It should be between 33 and 59 centimetres from the eyes.

  • He asked me to get an anti-glare filter on my computer screen. However, my advice would be to get a modern monitor, one with minimal distortion, glare and reflection.

  • He asked me to keep my screen clean, so that I did not strain my eyes more than what was necessary.

  • And finally, he asked me to get anti-glare lens.


It’s been some time since I put all those pointers to action, and the headaches and irritation of the eyes have gone! Computers are an integral part of our lives, there is no avoiding them. But it is best to protect one’s eyes from the strain – after all, they are more valuable.

Have you protected them yet?

Age & Eyes, What’s Common?

8 Jul

Last month, I was visiting my grandparents in Kolkata, and for the first time in so many years, my grandfather asked me to read him the morning papers. For someone who’s been very religious with his morning newspaper, it was sad for me to see him rely on someone else reading it out to him. Why? Because his eyes had become too weak. 

You see, my grandfather is a healthy man, and his eyes giving way like this got me thinking, and I decided to find out if age and eyes are connected. Sure enough, it turned out that age, indeed, was the cause of his weak eyesight!


The ageing process brings about changes that have a direct bearing on the eyesight. Not only do the eyes suffer directly, the increasing fragility, and susceptibility to other ailments, of the body are detriment to the eyes as well. Some of the more common signs of age-related eye problems that I found are: 

Floaters: These are small particles that float through your line of vision, and can be early signs of retinal detachment. One is, therefore, best advised to visit a doctor.

Excess Tears: No, not just because the elderly are more emotional! This is due to over-sensitivity to light, wind, or changes in temperature. 

Eyelid Irritations: Redness and swollen eyelids, itching, tearing, and crusting of eyelashes. 

Aside from these, I found that the loss of clear sight, which is what prevented my grandfather from reading his papers, was due to old eyes not having the power to focus – a condition medically referred to as Presbyopia.


Of course, I took my grandfather to an ophthalmologist, and and we got him prescription reading glasses, which have since allowed him to read his newspaper. But the sad truth remains that age and eyes are inextricably linked, and unfortunately, the health of the latter deteriorates with the gain of the former. So, when are you having an eye check-up of the elders of your family?

Vitamins For Your Eyes

4 Jul

Eyes are one of the most hard-working parts of our bodies. Their significance in our lives is invaluable. Our very understanding and appreciation of the world comes from our vision, for which, the eyes are solely responsible. We, in turn, owe it to ourselves and to our eyes, to provide proper nourishment, so they stay healthy. That Vitamins are essential for our eye health is a largely known fact. But what other foods, are good for our eyes?

  1. Zinc is an essential requirement for the eyes. While that may sound a bit odd, there is a reason our mothers insist we had yogurt. One of those reasons is that yogurt is a great food source for Zinc. Without Zinc, the protective pigment called Melanin is not produced in sufficient quantities. So dairy products, meats and beans are a must

  2. Green leafy vegetables are a big prerequisite, because they prevent eye-diseases. With the Lutein they generate, leafy vegetables and eggs slow down the degeneration of eyes, preventing illnesses such as cataracts.

  3. Another highly recommended eye food is anything rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. They too help arrest the aging process of the eyes, and keep them young & active. The best sources of Omega 3 Fatty Acids are fish such as Salmon, and fish oil.

  4. Next up is foods rich in Vitamins. Vitamins give our eyes the strength and fortification they need, to prevent disease and stay strong in the face of the bodily wear and tear. Nuts, almonds, sweet potatoes; there are many foods that are a great source of vitamins

  5. And finally, there is the age-old favorite – the carrot. Something that one has heard grandparents, parents, doctors, and even popular culture talk about constantly. Carrots give us beta carotene, an anti-oxidant vital to the health and longevity of eyes and their muscles.

Our eyes are our most powerful tools. They let us see the beautiful world, to see our loved ones, to learn, to appreciate, and to be human. Treat them with care and with the food they rightly deserve!

Your Eyes Need Attention

27 Jun

What are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?” – Groucho Marx


Sums it up perfectly! Eyesight is unquestionably the most vital sense that we possess. It is eyesight that gives us a correct perspective of the world around us, by interpreting shape, colour, and dimension. It may be a cliché, but our eyes are our only window to the world.

They perform a myriad of irreplaceable tasks. Reading, watching television, learning, communicating, working – our daily lives are defined by the way we see things. Its health then, is something that is non-negotiable. We have to take care of, and pay attention to, them. We have no choice, for without the ability to see clearly, we’d literally be at a loss. So, what are some of the basic things one can do, to take care of one’s eyes?

  1. Nourishment – On a regular basis, and at a fundamental level, one has to eat right. Eat right in terms of the essential foods and ingredients the eyes need to be healthy: Vitamins, and Omega 3 Acids, through foods like fish, nuts, green vegetables, and so on.

  1. Protection – The eyes, like any other organ, need protection. Use UV protection eyewear when out in the sun, and don’t expose them to extreme lights.

  1. Rest – Eyes tire. We don’t realize it, but they are constantly working for us, and they need their share of rest.

  1. De-stress – Not just rested, the eyes need to be exercised in order to detox them. Just like our stomachs, the eyes, too, can be put through a series of simple exercises that relax, refresh, and rejuvenate them.

  1. Medical Check-Up – Every once in a while, on a predetermined but regular schedule, have you eyes tested by an opthalmologist.

Our eyes give us not only the power to see things, but as a result of that power, the ability to make decisions. We must treat them with the utmost care and attention. Any discomfort or uneasiness must never be ignored. After all, the only reason we know as much as we do, and we do as much as we can, are our eyes!

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