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Yoga for the Eyes

23 Jan

Yoga is arguably the best form of exercise for physical as well as mental fitness. It does not stress the body, unlike a lot of other modern exercise regimes, and is the best preemptive method of staying alert and in a high state of calm & focus. However, many people don’t fully utilize the facets of yoga, since they aren’t aware how beneficial it can be. And our eyes, which are probably the organs that are strained the most, get ignored. 

Through yoga for eyes, a few simple exercises can go a long way in ensuring long-term well-being of the eye, and prevent their natural deterioration. It’s simple, needs very less time, and can be done anywhere.



Sit upright and keep your body relaxed. Keep moving your eyes from left to right, and focus on an object on either side for a couple of seconds. Repeat five times. 

Up down focus exercise – Focus on something directly in front of you and then move your eyes down, to focus on your lap. A couple of seconds later, bring your eyes back up. Repeat five times. 

Keep your palms tightly over each eye blocking out all the light. Rest the heels of your palms on your cheekbones and breathe deeply. Repeat five times. 

Move your eyes upwards then downwards. Blink rapidly and then repeat the exercise while moving your eyes from left to right. Repeat five times. 

Use a bright lamp in your room at night. Make sure no other light is on. Sit to face the lamp with your eyes closed. Switch the lamp on and off in time with your breathing. Repeat five times. 

Could it be any more simpler? Probably not. And it’s a tiny price to pay to keep your eyes healthy, as against the trouble of expensive treatment in case any eye-related ailments crop up. So practice yoga for the eyes and live to see a better tomorrow.

Image Courtesy: http://bit.ly/A6zCFL

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