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We Care For Your Eyes! Lets Journey into your Eye Health today!

16 May

We Care For Your Eyes! Lets Journey into your Eye Health today!

Were back to a ‪#‎HappyMonday‬. Enjoy your work but remember to take care of your ‪#‎eyes‬ . Digital technology is helpful but needs to be under control. Use “Blue Blocking lenses” when you work on your systems and frequent breaks..
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Are your #eyes ready for the #digital age? It time for some #EyeZen #EyeStrain #SmartVision

12 Jan


Crizal Eyezen – innovative lenses for the digital age

Today’s world throws up more challenges than ever before for innovators, manufacturers and service providers across all industries. Fortunately, there are some among them who are quick to respond to the needs of the hour. Among them is undoubtedly Essilor, the world’s leading company in ophthalmic lenses, internationally renowned for its wide range of the very best lenses and continuous innovation.

It comes as no surprise then that Eyezen, Essilor’s latest offering, was a winner of the prestigious Silmo d’Or 2015 in the ‘Vision‘ category. Relentless in its pursuit of and dedication to the best eye care products, Essilor’s new technology lenses have been specially designed to meet the evolving needs of one’s eyes in this digital world. The company’s consumer study on new digital behaviour showed that 75 per cent of the people interviewed suffer from visual fatigue, and 66 per cent believe digital screens require additional effort for the eyes. Crizal Eyezen offers a solution with lenses that minimise the eyestrain caused by prolonged exposure to multiple digital screens. Using digital devices also leads to higher eye and head declination, which may cause neck and shoulder pain. This was evidenced through the study as well, as 70 per cent of those interviewed complained about neck and shoulder pain. In addition, while the natural reading distance is stable at 40 cm on paper, it shrinks to an average of 33 cm for smartphones. This new ultra-near vision zone is very demanding on the human eye, causing eye fatigue and strain, and poses a challenge in adjusting to the system.

Rapid adoption of newer technology in this digital world presents newer challenges with respect to protection requirements. It is also essential for ophthalmic lens technology to evolve to meet the needs. Crizal Eyezen represents Essilor’s innovation, offering users the maximum protection and comfort. Eyezen is a lens specifically designed for the digital age

Taking into account this dramatic shift, Essilor has introduced this highly impactful technology-driven lens, designed specifically to meet the changing needs of the eyes in a highly connected world. With the twin functions of relaxing the eyes from digital eyestrain and protecting visual health from harmful blue light and UV rays in the long run, Eyezen lenses represent the latest in Essilor technological innovation.

Eyezen has been built with state-of-the-art W.A.V.E. (Wavefront Advanced Vision Enhancement) technology that offers sharper and clearer vision in comparison to other single vision lenses. “Eyezen focus” technology supports the eye’s additional effort in focusing at ultra-near distances that are typical of handheld devices. The Light Scan technology which is a unique light filtering technology drawn from Essilor’s landmark Crizal Prevencia innovation, protects eyes from the harmful blue-violet light emitted by digital screens.

Till recently, Computer Vision Syndrome was considered an appropriate term to describe the increasing stress on eyes and posture. Today, the rapid transition in technology has led to several new facets being added to visual eyestrain. The massive popularity of touchscreen smartphones, followed by tablets, has generated dramatic changes in lifestyle behaviour in recent years, making Computer Vision Syndrome almost seem like an obsolete term and less accurately reflecting real life experience.

Five years back, the main cause of visual strain was continuous usage of computers. But in today’s modern age, we are seeing a scenario where we are using a computer, a tablet, a smartphone, an e-reader as well as the good old television all at the same time. This does not just increase digital exposure of the eye, but adds extra pressure on the eyes as they continuously switch between devices and adapt their focus while sitting, standing and lying down. The cumulative stress on the eye today is much more than it was five years back when smartphones and tablets were yet to become a norm

The time spent on digital devices has nearly doubled in the past four years. The real change is from handheld devices overtaking the time spent on television. The increasing usage of multiple digital screens simultaneously is another added lifestyle factor. Sometimes, four different devices may be used by an individual simultaneously, either for work, education, socialising or leisure. In this scenario, Crizal Eyezen offers the best solution to enjoy staying connected in this digital world while protecting against eye strain and fatigue, and enhancing comfort.


Crizal Eyezen is today available across all branches of Lawrence and MayoEyeZen

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