Make-Up for the Eyes

11 Jan

The universe of eye makeup has transformed and become limitless in the past decade. Eyes, which are often referred to as the windows to the soul, are made up these days, giving them their due when it comes to cosmetic enhancement. Whatever be the occasion – a cocktail party or a wedding, there are specific eye makeups that can be achieved by using a host of products, ranging from colored lenses to eye-liners and embellishments, making the wearer achieve the desired look. Sensual, natural, smoky, fun, demure – it’s all possible. 

At the basic level, a few steps need to be followed to protect your eyes and achieve a long lasting eye makeup. First cover the dark circles with a good quality concealer. Then apply a good eye-base to your eye lids, which acts as the foundation. Then comes the fun part, where you select the appropriate eye-liner. And finally finish with eye shadow and top off with a highlighter. 

When it comes to basic eye-shape related makeup tips. Small eyes look the best with minimal makeup, so that it doesn’t overshadow the already modest sized eyes. By contrast, large eyes ought to use dark colors to accentuate them. In the case of round eyes, use only one shade for the entire eyelid which extends to the corners. For wide set eyes, the trick is to use light colors on the eyelids and medium tones on the creases. Keeping these basics in mind, you can experiment without going wrong for your eye type. 

And finally for the innumerable looks, it really boils down to your personal preferences, your imagination, and what you feel the occasion demands. For example, a very popular and dramatic look for a party is the cat eye, where the make up actually extends beyond the eyes in a swoop. Another example, is the wedding look, which could the smoky look way. If you are the bride and will be wearing a lot of heavy jewelry and clothing, smoky eyes could compliment that theme extremely well and provide a natural yet beautiful contrast.

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